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Automobile Photo Inspection

In collaboration with Carco, Kings & Associates has become a New York Photo Inspection Site for our clients.

In response to a public outcry over skyrocketing costs of automobile insurance, the New York State legislature passed a law during the summer of 1977, which was commonly referred to as the "NYS Photo Inspection Law." This anti-fraud statute was designed to help reduce auto insurance costs by preventing issuing policies for non-existent (phantom) automobiles and deterring fraudulent and exaggerated automobile damage claims. The law required that all vehicles with physical damage insurance coverage (fire, theft, collision or comprehensive) be inspected by a representative of the insurance carrier at the inception of coverage. The inspection includes a verification of the Vehicle Identification Number, list of options and accessories, description of any damage on the vehicle, photographs of the EPA sticker, and the vehicle itself.

Today, through its record of quality performance, a fully computerized proactive vehicle inspection program, and the most extensive site network available to serve the motoring public, Kings & Associates Management LLC maintains a dominant market position in the automobile inspections industry segment. Kings & Associates is setting the standard for accurate and reliable screening for automobile photo inspections.

Kings & Associates is the leading provider of vehicle pre-insurance inspection services in New York. Major insurance carriers and brokers choose us for our extensive and convenient site network along with our experience deploying advanced technology to complete the process in the most efficient and effective manner while complying with regulations. This vehicle inspection process helps prevent insurance fraud while keeping insurance premiums as low as possible for insured consumers.

To enlist Kings & Associates Management LLC for your Automobile Photo Inspection at our site or a location of your choosing, go to our “Contact Us” page to get in touch with a representative by clicking here, or you can fill out our online "Photo Inspection" form on the right side of the page in the "Applications & Forms" section and a representative from our Photo Inspection Department will get back with you.