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Life Insurance

Kings & Associates Management LLC believes life insurance is the cornerstone of any insurance package and financial plan. There is an extensive array of coverage types on the market today, not surprisingly the challenge for any insurance agent is to provide customers with a combination of not only effective coverage and attractive pricing, but perhaps more importantly the right product to help them achieve their goals.

Risk Protection is just as the name implies, protecting an individual and his family from risk. This protection includes making sure a family's home will be paid for, leaving enough to put children through school, protecting a standard of living, business ownership, and a host of other things that people are responsible for as they go through life.

Wealth Preservation is about future planning and this includes effective wealth transfer to ones heirs, estate planning, and future tax obligations, charitable giving and ones legacy. This aspect of life insurance is about future planning for generations to come and protecting existing wealth from tax burden.

Kings & Associates offers a wide range of life insurance options, including but not limited to:

Individual Universal Life Insurance Return of Premium Life Insurance
Simplified Issue Life Insurance Term Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance

These planning challenges are a constant theme across the generational gap. The necessity to match a client with the right product is especially important when dealing with older customers. The first wave of Baby Boomers has already crossed the threshold of retirement. We also live in an era where 3 generational households are becoming increasingly common. Kings & Associates meets the needs of these separate yet often intertwining market segments, with creative solutions and robust market knowledge.

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