Commercial Energy

Kings & Associates Management LLC understands that small and medium-sized companies employ most workers, and they are the primary source of power that drives our nation's economy. That's why we would consider it a privilege to be the source of power for your business, and it is why we're committed to providing fair and simple energy plans for businesses.

When it comes to supplying energy to businesses, one size does not fit all. Our expert team will meet with you and together we'll build the optimum, custom energy solution that includes all the power you need with affordable and predictable rates. You can count on Kings & Associates Management LLC for accurate budget forecasting.

Larger businesses and corporations typically require higher volumes of reliable power. So, the effectiveness of your energy strategy, or lack thereof, can have a major impact on productivity and operational costs. The experts at Kings & Associates Management LLC make the right choice easy by working closely with you to design a customized energy plan. We will analyze your organization's energy requirements and design a fair & simple energy plan with predictable rates for easy cost management.

To learn more about the different types of Energy Providers our firm can offer, please contact us at (347) 475-1552. One of our representatives will get back to you with a personalized solution.