Risk Management

At Kings & Associates Management LLC, we understand that what matters most is your company's bottom line. That is why we do all we can to help companies of all sizes and the successful individuals who manage them. Kings & Associates Management reduces the real cost of both personal and commercial insurance. Our approach looks beyond the premium to help solve your critical risk challenges, control losses, and manage your claims so you ultimately spend less protecting your assets and your business.

We work to comprehend our clients’ unique risk challenges and most importantly, deploy comprehensive solutions to help solve them. At Kings & Associates Management LLC, we focus on industries such as aviation, construction, environmental services, financial services, food, hospitality, real estate, nonprofit, and professional services by offering a level of in-depth experience and knowledge that separates us from our competitors

The team at Kings & Associates Management LLC includes experienced claims advocates, safety professionals, as well as attorneys, and advisors fluent in risk management strategies. Together, we focus on protecting our clients’ assets and reducing the real cost of business insurance by facilitating the transfer of contractual risk, monitoring workers’ compensation expenses, and implement programs to help control the rising costs of employee benefits.

At Kings & Associates Management LLC, it is not just about the premiums placed, it is about the risk challenges we have helped clients overcome and the savings we have generated for them in the process. To find out how Kings & Associates Management LLC can help you and your business manage the risk you face, please contact us.